This note is about he reassessment of entities that undergo devaluation, are othered, abused, etc.

Invasive Species, weeds, wastelands, drosscapes, feral species, parasites, vermin, pests...

Cf. The ecological and environmental significance of urban wastelands and drosscapes by Hall.

Hall, Michael C. “The Ecological and Environmental Significance of Urban Wastelands and Drosscapes.” In Organising Waste in the City: International Perspectives on Narratives and Practices, edited by María José Zapata and Michael C. Hall, 21–40. Bristol: Bristol University Press, 2013.

"contemporary modes of industrial production driven by economical and consumerist influences contribute to urbanization and the formation of waste landscapes meaning actual waste (such as municipal solid waste, sewage, scrap metal, and so on), wasted places (such as abandoned and/or contaminated sites) or wasteful places (such as oversized parking lots or duplicate big-box retail venues)." Berger, A. (2006) ‘Drosscape in the landscape’