Key Points

  • human history is severely limited and boring
  • environmental history is better but is also limited by the human sphere
  • the interesting point about history is that it tells about just so events, random sequences that could be different, accumulations of stochastic events
  • natural history and the coming back of natural history as an important way of doing science
  • follow the conceptual move that extends past the environmental history towards more-than-human history and past history towards ... monitoring? process engagement? the idea being that objects are states of processes and the processes are ongoing, thus objects are history and history is their presence and future.

Forms of History

  • Techno-political history
  • Riparian history (the history of rivers), this can be relevant as an example of histories of patterns and agents beyond humans.

Environmental History

Cf. the note on Environmental History

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Russian steppes have been deforested by nomads about 3000 years ago. So whose identity is that place?

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World History

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Deep History

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